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Updated 9th May 2022

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Updated 14th December 2021


Team Managers

Paul Chambers 2

Manager - 50+ A Team

Paul Chambers is the new manager for the men's 50+ A team.

"I am looking forward to the challenge of taking over the A Team as Manager, and hope to continue the good work done by Sam Mitchell, the previous A Team Manager, I will be dedicated to making the A Team the best it can be, my enthusiasm and passion for football will mean I will always do what is best for the team"


Manager - 50+ B Team

Steve Weitzel is the manager for the men's 50+ B team.

Steve has been with the club for quite a while and has played for both the B and C teams in the Thames Valley Walking Football League, being part of the C team 2019 Spring League winning team. He has also played for the club in overseas tournaments.

C Team

Manager - 50+ C Team

Anthony Chadley is the manager for the men's 50+ C team.

Anthony discovered walking football from a friend in Portugal and initially played a few games over there but then he heard about our club and quickly joined up.

He says "I have really enjoyed learning the game, the training and teamwork is very rewarding. I recognise the mixed abilities throughout the 50+ members and believe that the C team provides a vital role for improving abilities and building on the teamwork.”

Eurocopa 2019

Watch highlights from the last oversees tournament we competed in.