Calendar 2023

A list of the remaining Tournaments and League Matches for 2023


16/07/23OWFL  Over 50’s/60’s12 noonBicester
23/07/23Amesbury Tournament Over 50’s/60’sSalisbury
12/08/23TVWFL CUP Tournament   Over 50’s/60’sAMBisham
19/08/23TVWFL CUP Tournament Women’sBisham
20/08/23OWFL Over 50’s/60’s12 noonBicester
29/08/23TVWFL CUP Tournament Over 65’sBisham
01/09/23 – 03/09/23St-Porchaire WF Challenge France 2023 France
10/09/23TVWFL  Season Starts Over 50’s  Premiership & Championship Divisions One/TwoAM PMBisham
17/09/23OWFL Over 50’s/60’s Season Ends12 noonBicester
19/09/23TVWFL Season Starts Over 65’sMiddayishBisham
24/09/23TVWFL Season Starts Over 60’s & Women’s AMBisham
01/10/23OWFL Cup Tournament Over 50’s/60’s12 noonBicester
08/10/23TVWFL  Over 50’s Premiership & Championship Divisions One/TwoPM AMBisham
17/10/23TVWFL Over 65’sMiddayishBisham
22/10/23TVWFL Over 60’s & Women’sAMBisham
12/11/23TVWFL League  O50’s Premiership & Championship Divisions One/TwoAM PMBisham
21/11/23TVWFL Over 65’s MiddayishBisham
26/11/23TVWFL Over 60’s & Women’sBisham